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President's Emerging Scholars Program

PES Plan

The President's Emerging Scholars Plan (PES Plan) is intended to be used as a tool by PES students to plan and execute a personal strategy for gaining relevant experiences at the University of Minnesota that helps meet personal, academic, and career goals. The PES Plan is also used to inform PES staff of any high impact activities you are engaged with at the University. First year PES students will work with a Peer Mentor to complete their PES Plan and submit it online to the PES office. The plan itself is simple in nature and asks students to list up to three personal, academic, and career goals that they want to achieve by the end of their four years at the U of M as well as specific U of M experiences that will help them meet those goals.

For example, Yohanna has the following goals:

Yohanna will seek out these opportunities during her time at the U of M to help her meet those goals:

It is important to remember that goals change over time, so every year you will be asked to submit an updated PES Plan. Some goals may change and some may stay the same. The important thing to remember is that while the University has many opportunities available to you, the ones that help you achieve your personal, academic, and career goals will be the most valuable.

Note: Submitting a first-year PES Plan is required to receive the first-year $1,000 PES Scholarship. Submitting an updated PES Plan in years 2, 3, and 4 is required to receive the fourth year $1,000 PES Scholarship.

High Impact Activities

High impact activities are any experience that significantly increases engagement and/or sense of belonging with the University of Minnesota. Examples of high impact activities include joining the University Honors Program, serving as a student group officer, and significant community engagement. Research shows that students who participate in high impact activities are more likely to be successful in meeting personal, academic, and career goals. As a University student you will have many opportunities for high impact activities, and you will most-likely complete more than the required three. You will learn about many of these opportunities at the PES Undergraduate Opportunity Conference in October. As a PES students you are also invited to propose your own high impact activity to meet the program requirements.

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