University of Minnesota


President's Emerging Scholars Program

Summer Seminar 2015

We invite you to attend the Summer Seminar, an optional program exclusively for President’s Emerging Scholars prior to their freshman year. This five-day seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to get acquainted with the campus, program staff, and peers.

The Summer Seminar is offered at no charge to PES students, including room and board. As a participant, you will meet other new PES students and spend the majority of your time creating a digital story. A digital story is a short film about you that combines effective writing with digital media technology. This innovative learning tool is becoming increasingly popular at the University of Minnesota, and as a Summer Seminar participant you will be well prepared to use digital storytelling in your future classes. The objective of creating your personal story is to begin the process of identifying your personal, academic, and career goals and how the University will help you meet those goals.

As a participant you will also get a head start on what it means to be a new student at the University of Minnesota. Students who have participated in similar summer programs in the past reported they felt very well prepared for fall and enjoyed the opportunity to make friends before the start of the school year.

Twin Cities Campus: